Therapeutic Touch Practitioner


  • What is Therapeutic Touch (TT)? TT is a research-based compassionate practice that promotes well-being. Using a series of gentle hand movements (on or near the body), TT practitioners connect with a person’s energy field, with the intention to promote states such as relaxation, balance or healing. A typical session lasts about 20 minutes.
  • Why should I try Therapeutic Touch? TT is a gentle modality that promotes general wellness.  Beyond that, many people have reported a variety of responses to TT such as a decrease in pain and improved healing. To my knowledge, there are no reports of negative effects of TT.
  • What is TTC?  TTC is a combination of Therapeutic Touch and Coaching. As a TT Practitioner and ICF Certified Life Coach, I feel this unique offering is of great service to those who are open to receiving guidance. TT often moves us into a peaceful state, and we become open to deeper messages…our inner wisdom. Following the TT session, you will be guided through a series of gentle yet powerful questions based on the principles of coaching. Clients often leave in a relaxed state with inspirational food for thought.
  • Here’s what Nikki from Langley had to say about her TTC Sessions:   “What an ingenious idea! Peggy’s combined Therapeutic Touch and Coaching sessions have changed my life. While healing energetically and physically, I have gained insight about myself that I didn’t even know existed. I believe the power of these sessions comes from Peggy’s genuine, fluid and comfortable approach to coaching and energy work. Her ability to listen deeply as well as intuitively receive messages from my words allows her to share wisdom that is in service of my healing. Thank you Peggy for allowing me to experience your talent and be a part of your passion.”