Coach with me… ACC_WEB

ditch perfection and let’s talk inspired alignment.

If there’s one thing I know about, it’s the space between! I fondly refer to the space between where you are and where you want to be as the mucky middle. My role is to be your amazing ally in the mucky middle. The mucky middle is full of tenacious stuff like self-doubt, fear and procrastination. Together we will explore values, get curious and call upon inspiration to move through the mucky middle and toward alignment. Rubber boots optional!

Around the corner or around the continent, most of my clients prefer to coach over the phone… in the comfort of their home or office, in pajamas, on their lunchbreak, when children are napping, cause rush hour sucks and parking is free…you get the idea. I also offer coaching in person or via skype. Coaching packages include a complimentary intake session and email support.

  • 6 Month Package: Rome wasn’t built in a day. We will navigate the middle gradually and you will attain long term, sustainable momentum in multiple areas of life.  Ditch the boots and don the dancing shoes: Three sessions per month (1hr). $1300 (payment plan available)
  • 1 Month Package: This is ideal if you’re really ready to get unstuck and take action in one area of your life such as work, relationships, or self-care. Rubber Boots Recommended: Three (1hr) sessions $220
  • 1 laser session: need some quick traction on one specific thing? Bring your one mucky situation and leave with actionable next steps. Rubber Boots Mandatory: 1 hour $75

Still not sure, or want to explore coaching a bit more before committing?  Why not try a complimentary discovery session?